Injuries can be instantaneous like a rolled ankle or come on without an obvious injury like a tennis elbow. In either case you body will quickly adapt to the pain, extra movement, muscle damage and more. Those adaptation often take you away from good, safe movements and lead to longer lasting issues like osteoarthritis.

Rehabilitation is the process of teaching your body to perform great movements after a change, maybe it’s learning to balance on a less stable ankle or better shoulder posture so gripping hard doesn’t hurt your elbow.

Ice, heat and taping won’t make your ankle stable again after you’ve rolled it. A properly developed rehabilitation program can be the difference between rebounding quickly or living in chronic pain.

Dr. Lucas Hann has spent the 20 years learning about our bodies’ anatomy, biomechanics and various rehab approaches to restore function. Over a decade of clinical practice has helped him refine this skills into safe, effective and successful rehabilitation approaches for patients.

Techniques and methods

  • Strength Training

  • Functional Movement

  • Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization

  • Post Concussion management

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